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Private Label Manufacturing

We understand how important it is to build an image of your brand. We know brand is the leaf that baths in the sun while you work your hardest in the root.

Let us take care of all your Manufacturing needs. We have a huge amount of experience in manufacturing designer wear and realizing ideas of the Apparel Designers in a much better way. We will attach your true sentiments with your Custom made Designer wear and put your private label and logo on it.

Whether its a
t-shirt, sweatshirt, fleece, personalized water bottles, customized printing shirts and caps or anything that your mind can think of making we will provide you with just the right type of mass production you need for your stuff. We understand as most of you want to try out stuff before you go for producing bigger quantity and for that very reason we offer to produce the custom made apparel for you in small quantity as well, so you can test the market of your brand.

All the stuff is manufactured in our own facility as we are
screen printing specialist company in usa, which gives you an option of not only to print the shirt with your design but also have it custom manufactured according to your own special way.

You can decide how your shirt will appear with our apparel customization option, rather than just having to print on a basic t-shirt of Gildan, hanes or American apparel, you can also decide which color your shirt sleeves will be and also many other customization with your apparel. Whether it is a sweatshirt customization, fleece customization or a jacket customization, all of that can happen under one roof.

If you are not sure about the idea then our online consultation department will be more than glad to help you and inform you the true potential of your creative design. 

Our steps involve giving you a sample or a prototype of your design and you can proceed after you like it. Show us what you really want to make, we will have it mass produced in the shortest amount of time we can.