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Zegatron Offering 60% as Interest Free Credit Investment for your Inventory to sell your Products in USA. If you place an Order with us from our Sister company www.zegaapparel.com , we will give you 60% Extra Inventory as Investment in your business, so you can grow your brand presence and awareness in USA.


Here is how we will work

For Example you have a Clothing Brand in UK, Australia that is having more than 200 Likes from USA and Active Customers, to whom you ship.


Once you place an order with ZegaApparel, we will go ahead and create 60% Extra Pieces for your order and Keep the inventory in our warehouse in Chicago, USA.


So if you are making 100 Pieces with us, we will make 160 for you, Ship the 100 Pcs to you and ship the other 60 Pcs to our warehouse in USA, so whenever you make a sale in USA, you can ask us to ship that inventory on behalf of you to your customer, avoiding extra shipment cost and inventory depletion.


We will make sure your customer receive your goods in maximum 7 days in USA(Free Shipment). Once you make a sale in USA, then you can pay us to ship the inventory to your customer. We will take our investment back on that sale (The price we invested in that particular piece) and 30% as commission on the Profit.


For Example, you purchased a t-shirt from us in 7 USD each, you purchased 100 of those , so you have to invest 700 USD. Now we will make 60 Pcs for you as Credit at 7 USD each, and Invest 420 USD in your business as Credit.


Assuming you are selling that T-shirt for 25 USD on your Website So now you know you have 160 Pcs to sell, out of which 60 Pcs are in USA. Pay us back only when you sell the t-shirt in our ware house, one by one.


Like if you sold to 3 USA customers in a Week, then you pay us only 21 USD plus 30% of the profit. (25-7=18) 18 USD as Profit and 30% of that per t-shirt is (5.4 USD) Which will be 21 USD Plus 16.2 as our Commission. And then so on so forth for next two months until your inventory get finished in USA.


I think it can be a very nice and great opportunity for both our Companies to work together and Grow.


We will help you with this in USA or Canada. And also Introduce you to Stores willing to put your inventory in the shelf in USA , and also all the legal work in USA , as your brand grows to become as big as levis or addidas.


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