The second part of our mission states that we aim to play a major role in Socio Economic-Development by doing whatever we can with whatever we have. Henceforth we are constantly involved in bringing Social campaigns that will bring an everlasting impact of positive change in the society. We will invest in developing the less developed areas without any discrimination. The world is a Global village and being its citizen it is our responsibility to do whatever possible for the betterment of everyone in the world. Furthermore we are going to launch a ZegaMaster Plan by July 2015 which will state the complete plan and strategy for providing employment to the unemployed, shelter to the homeless and justice to the less privileged. We will put our plan of action in writing, giving people the right to even question us about its completion according to the provided steps.

For now we are running these two awareness campaigns that will help us in achieving and understanding the bigger Goal we have in mind for the society.


Cleanliness is Closeness to God
A project to increase awareness regarding cleanliness and how it helps in preventing dieses .

Starting from December 2013 this campaign will be first introduced in Karachi, Pakistan which is a very busy metropolitan city. Karachi is one of the biggest cities of the world, where cleanliness is one of the many issues faced by its citizen. This campaign is started as a preparation for our plan of exterminating dirt from the City on our own; we are going to first run this campaign over the internet and social media for one year to prepare the people to maintain the clean environment which we are going to bring in the city in the future.


Entrepreneurial Awareness
Creating Entrepreneurship awareness to create employment in the rural areas.

This Campaign will be initiated on 17th February 2014, with this campaign we are going to start providing Free Business Consultancy to specific areas of Pakistan. We aim to establish our network with this campaign that will help us in finalizing the Master Plan we are planning to launch in July 2014. We will visit few small cities of Pakistan to analyze the growth potential. After that we are going to identify leaders who are willing to establish their own business, and by doing so we will help them up in setting their business so that employments can be created in that specific area. We are on our own on this, since this is something which will bring us one step closer to our dream of providing employment to as many as possible.

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