Zega CRM-(Customer Relationship Management System)

Imagine it is 1950 and you have own a retail business in your town. You have constant inflow of customers and you know each and every customer that walks in your store because they live in the same town as you. How easy life is isn't it? Well now it is a new century and things have changed. The inflow of customers just keeps on increasing and increasing and it is so hard for you to keep track of each individual. Don't worry we will again make your life easy just like back in the good old days. With our CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) you can keep track of all the information of your customers their names, email addresses and other contact information. You can keep track of information about the items a certain customer buy or like to buy and as soon as the item comes in you can contact the customer and let them know that it has arrived. Contact us now and enjoy a our crm system.

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