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Finance Consulting

Change starts with strategy. Strategy starts with change.

Maximizing Financial Potential With Us

Zegatron offers the best financial consultation services, and we are assisting companies of all sizes in expanding and maximizing their financial plans and achieving their business goals and objectives. Our team of professional’s financial experts is committed to offering individual solutions that are specifically designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

We offer tax planning and compliance services to businesses. We assist companies in reducing their tax obligations. Our team maintains current on the most recent tax rules and regulations to ensure that our customers remain compliant and prevent any potential penalties.

We value establishing enduring connections with our clientele. Each client receives individualized solutions created with them in mind after close collaboration to comprehend their specific needs fully. To find out more about how our financial consulting services may help your company succeed, get in touch with us right away.


What We Think


Rocket’s active portfolio spans more than 200 companies on six continents.


In 2018 Rocket’s selected companies provided employment for more than 42,000 people.


Rocket listed companies with a total valuation of c. EUR 30bn.