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Okay so Jason worked for 27 and a half days he has 6% commission on top of the basic salary. He has sold a certain amount but the sale was divided in between himself and Shirley 40% for Shirley and %60 for Jason. He worked overtime for 10 hours getting paid a time and a half. He had two paid vacation days and 3 days of sick leave out of which he has used up all plus 3 more days for which 35% salary will be deducted for no call no show. What to pay him? No it is not a university level problem solving question. This can be a situation in which you could be caught in for your employees. We know it can be very overwhelming and that is why we provide our HRM (Human Resources Management) system which can solve not just the problem above but millions of problems like that for you by just a few click of a button. Zega HRM system! It's yours.

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