Calling Startups From Karachi

Initial Funding of upto 3.5 Million PKR in (Co-Creation Model)

We are looking for innovative products and services that already have a first prototype and are now ready for a proof of concept.


  • International scalability and a validated business model
  • Clear competitive advantage
  • Planned market launch or presence
  • An experienced and ambitious team
  • Particularly in the areas of AI, Online Portals, Fintech, blockchain, digital marketing, security, IOT, robotics or drones
  • Restaurants, Clothing Brands or Fitness Centers are welcome to apply if they have competitive advantage.

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  • Funding of upto 3.5 Million PKR
  • Mentorship from Industry Experts
  • Further development of marketing and Sales skills
  • Shared Working Space
  • Global Expansion Opportunities

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Details Required in Pitch Deck Document

  • On the first page you should place your logo,name, and vision.
  • In addition give a short overview of your startup.
  • Start your pitch with the pains that your customer segments are faced with and that you solve.
  • Then you present your solution. Make sure to point out how you are addressing the identified pains your customers are faced with and how exactly your startup solves these.
  • If applicable show the market place and the gains of everyone involved.
  • If relevant, explain the customer activity cycle.
  • Explain your business model and how exactly you make profit.
  • Compare your startup with direct and indirect competitors regarding different and useful (relevant) criteria.
  • Analyzing your target market is crucial. Your segment (top-down or bottom-up) has at least to be defined for Pakistan.
  • Show that entering this particular market (show that it is growing). A stagnating or shrinking market with high entry barriers is often not interesting.
  • Give an overview on the past milestones and a short forecast.
  • Do not forget your contact details.

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What we are interested in:

  • We look for disruptive ideas, technology and business models that radically change the way we think about a market. We are not looking for incremental improvements.
  • You must be a tech start-up. Not a lifestyle business or SME.
  • You have validated your business model with paying customers and have a clear competitive advantage.
  • You can apply your go-to-market strategy or it is already established.
  • You need to want to conquer the world, even if focused locally at present. We need a global mindset.
  • Most importantly, you need to be a passionate, smart, talented team that can execute an exceptional standard.

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What types of collaboration we offer

Sell to Zegatron
Sell to Zegatron

We become a customer of your start-up

Sell through Zegatron
Sell through Zegatron

We sells your product to our customers as a reseller

Joint Go-to-Market
Joint Go-to-Market

Joint product and service development; sale through Zegatron

Venture Investment
Venture Investment

Zegatron buys shares in the start-up through our Ventures Fund

Acquisition of Start-up
Acquisition of Start-up

We become a customer of your start-up

How it works

A good match between your start-up and Zegatron is important to us. We carefully check applications and analyses how we can best complement each other as partners and profitably combine our respective strengths.

After adding you to our programm, we work together to develop the product further. We test the solution internally or place it in one of our sales channels and collect customer feedback.

If a partnership makes sense for both parties, we will decide together what form it should take. This can range from the sale of the solution to us to acquisition of the start-up by Swisscom.

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