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Apparel Manufacturing

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Zegatron (SMC) Pvt Ltd develops online business-to-business or business-to-consumer trade portals and uses online marketing and a variety of already-existing trade portals to link small- to medium-sized suppliers of a variety of goods and services in Pakistan to small- to medium-sized purchasers of a variety of goods and services in developed nations.

In addition to utilizing the available B2B trade portals online, we also develop new online platforms and employ online marketing to draw in as many small quantity buyers as possible from the USA, Canada, the UK, and other developed nations where it is challenging to locate small home-based factories that can provide them with small quantities of a product at competitive prices.

Zegatron was a born-to-be manufacturing firm with the state of the art manufacturing capability and decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. Zegatron, with its brands Zega Apparel and Custom Brand Apparel, is fully dedicated to providing clients from around the globe with the best manufacturing services.

The business Idea

The primary idea of the manufacturing business is to work with startup and medium-established brands that don’t have a manufacturing facility. So with us being their manufacturer, we make it easy for them to operate by manufacturing a clothing line. Whether it’s a T-shirt clothing brand, hoodie manufacturing brand, denim brand, or swimwear manufacturing brand Zegatron is all up to help clients with top-class manufacturing needs.


In order to assist our clients in growing business plans, we use advanced technology with cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities led by professionals.

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