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Our Brands is the ultimate platform for employers, organizations and job seekers. We truly understand the challenges of landing a suitable job with a good salary package and learning opportunities. Moreover, having a strong and verified resume is one of the crucial elements that a candidate must have. is a platform that verifies your resume using Artificial intelligence algorithms. With the image reading algorithms, your resume is scanned under advanced scanning systems and verified. These AI-based verifications check for the completeness and accuracy of your resume. With our resume verification, you can get a competitive edge in the market for landing a potential job.

Along with the resume verification platform, we offer a comprehensive job portal connecting job-seeking candidates with organizations and hiring teams. Moreover, employers and hiring groups can also post jobs and hire candidates through

Being a leading and experienced manufacturer with more than 03 decades of experience and customer satisfaction, Zega Apparel is proud of Zegatron Group. With our top-class manufacturing, we have shown that distances only matter to people who lack the quirkiness that makes up the Soul of brilliance. Keeping excellent manufacturing results Zega-Apparel, a Canadian company, has a production facility in Pakistan. We must say that this choice has been crucial to the success of the company because both the raw materials and human resources are of the highest quality.

From a small room to a large manufacturing facility of Zega Apparel, Zega Apparel has won the hearts of a massive amount of audible. Zega-Apparel, the company’s flagship business, has generated more than 60% of the company’s revenues. Our Top Management was inspired to launch three additional projects due to Zega-maverick Apparel’s success.

Zega Apparel has become a trade name owned by Zegatron, and the venture has factories owned to its name in Pakistan.

Another business owned by Zegatron doesn’t only have a massive name in the industry but also has a vast clientele network that includes the clothing and fashion brands on Turkey. As turkey is on the edge of development and has been growing day by day, so in this times, custom brand apparel is a welcoming manufacturing project that enables the clothing and fashion brand in Turkey to operate peacefully. We came intending to provide high-quality manufacturing services the Turkish fashion brands.

Being a leading manufacturer in the USA, we are excited to provide the same high-quality manufacturing to the fashion industry in Turkey. With us, brands can work on greater ideas and more significant projects as we are one of the best manufacturer brands with massive manufacturing capability and limitless apparel manufacturing capability.


The most creative team of Zegatron can easily be given to Zegalogos. This group has proven through trials of time that it can create natural and effective businesses out of ideas. Zegalogos’ primary need was born out of the overwhelming demand by clients to provide complete Internet marketing solutions.

We have one of the most competent teams when [it comes to Website development and Content Marketing. We have developed websites for clients whose portfolio spans small local businesses to International Organizations and Multi-National Conglomerates.

The Zega logos have been the most creative part of Zegatron from the start. The primary need of Zega logo was born out of the overwhelming demand by the clients to provide complete designing of the logo and complete business development solutions online.
From small businesses to multi-national conglomerates, Zega Logos has provided and is providing the best website development, content marketing, and business solutions online

Another branch of Zega Apparel is Yournextrealestate. We are a professional firm specializing in investment consulting and have the necessary knowledge for Turkish immigration services. Our high standards are reflected in our solid foundation and local Turkish property expertise.

By assisting buyers, investors, and citizens from all over the world who want to acquire Turkish residency permits and citizenship through real estate investment, we hope to establish ourselves as the best immigration consultation service in turkey.

We offer financial and legal consulting services to ensure and safeguard our clients’ commitments to citizenship investment in Turkey. To help them with every step of the immigration process, we also offer end-to-end assistance.

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