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Limits Are For The Ordinary

We Are ZExtra- Ordinary

The primary motive behind Zegatron is to present the product of Pakistan as a brand and service to international customers. We feel pride in delivering locally made products and making them available in the foreign market. We use advanced approaches to eliminate the hassle and trouble in communication, shipments, exchanging payments, and trust.

What we do

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>Expert in 24 Industries


We specialize in providing the finest and most exclusive Apparel services to our clients worldwide. We have a team of professionals for a diverse range of products and services that benefit our clients.

>Dedicated Employees


This team includes all from skillful labors to renowned experienced professionals who are well versed in their field of work. We work hard to provide your value, bringing us closer to your goal.

“As mentioned in our logo, our business goal is to be invisible hands to your invincible business, with us being your side, we can cater to you with comprehensive and effective results that deliver top-tier results.”

Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan / CEO

Our Founders